Monday, May 30, 2011

Tyranny of Distance

Today was brunch day at Windsor's Tyranny of Distance with my good friend Speedy Gonzales and Speedy's BF, Mr. T. As I was meeting Mr. T for the first time, it was great to be at a cafe where the music and noise weren't out of control so we could all chat comfortably.

It's a very interesting menu at Tyranny. I was interested to try the coconut-infused quinoa with yogurt and fruits, and it didn't disappoint. It tasted like pure health on a plate. The fruits were very fresh and delicious: kiwi fruit, strawberries, pear slices and little slivers of orange.

Speedy Gonzalez chose the chili scrambled eggs with house-made flatbread, and there was a good amount of chili in it.

Mr. T went with the excellent sounding potato rosti stack, with super fresh and tasty avocado, bacon and tomato. The poached egg on top could have been cooked less, it was quite well done.

My long black was strong without being bitter, and Speedy Gonzalez's coffee was good but she would have preferred it extra hot. Mr.T's hot chocolate was made with sweet syrup and lots of it.

The muffins on the counter, sweet and savoury offerings, looked fantastic and I wished I wasn't so full as I would have loved to try one.

The atmosphere is very inviting, alone or with a group, and the staff were friendly.

8 out of 10 brown chemist water bottles!

Tyranny of Distance
147 Union Street, Windsor, Melbourne
ph: 03 9525 1005