Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hobba Latte
The brunch adventures continue with me and LB, this time at Hobba in Malvern Road, Prahran.

I think the exposed wooden beams in the ceiling are brilliant - Hobba has such a welcoming vibe. It definitely has a modern warehouse feel to it, thankfully without being too sparse.
Cute wooden booths run through the centre of the massive space, with smaller tables and chairs scattered around the front area. We sat at the back of the cafe, at a big communal table set around a small tree. The table was spacious and I think suitable for singles or couples dining - it doesn't feel like you're going to put your elbow into your neighbour's food accidentally.  I like the steel stools and bench panelling around the barista area too.

LB's fantastic photography!

There's a twist to their eggs! Special poached eggs, strictly 62.5 degrees. LB had to try them, she had a poached egg with roasted tomato and avocado on multigrain toast.

The egg was very interesting to eat, it tasted so silky smooth. And strangely, although it looked translucent and a bit watery, it tasty more 'eggy' than any egg I've had in a long time. The egg flavour seemed very concentrated and strong.
Bizarro poached egg

Hobba Bircher

LB said the roasted tomato was a bit disappointing, it didn't taste at all roasted, but maybe just grilled quickly and lacking taste.

I went for the bircher muesli, which was very good. Healthy tasting and quite filling.

The coffee - (we had lattes) was not strong enough for our liking. The verdict: good, but not great.

I have to give special mention to the staff, they were great with water refills, very pleasant and friendly to deal with. I love cafes that seem to care like Hobba does!

7.2 out of 10 poached 62.5 degree eggs!

428 Malvern Road
Prahran VIC 3181
Ph: 03 9510 8336