Sunday, October 28, 2012

Porgie + Mr Jones

Tasty Strong
Soy Latte

CoffeeBean summed it up perfectly when she described the inside of Porgie + Mr Jones as like walking into someone's house and having a wonderful leisurely meal.

The interior is light and spacious, with a beautiful outdoor courtyard which looked lovely on the sunny Sunday morning that we were there for breakfast.

Banana Bread Extravaganza

The coffee, while good, was unfortunately not outstanding. The first round for LB was too milky, she wished she had asked for a strong coffee. On the second round she asked for strong, and boy did she get it! It must have been a triple shot because LB's hands started shaking halfway through and she couldn't finish it! So overall the coffee was a little inconsistent.

My soy latte (I asked for it strong) was quite good, the soy was not overpowering and it was strong enough for my taste. CoffeeBean was happy with her hot skinny cappuccino, it was just right for her, but LaBelle thought her latte was too weak. 

The mega breakfast, the P+MJ, caused an epic food frenzy. Coffeebean was so overwhelmed she had trouble opening her napkin! The feast of bacon, poached eggs, two slices of toast with avocado, beautifully marinated mushrooms and roasted sweet tomatoes took some work but I got through most of it! A small quibble is that I wish they had placed the mushrooms on the side, because they soak the bread into a black mushy mess which was not very fun to eat.

LaBelle's Dukkah Eggs were a multicoloured treat, and very good.
LB really enjoyed the banana bread with its berry compote twist, and took some brilliant photos of our food.

P+MJ - The Works Breakfast

Dukkah Eggs
The staff were lovely and not at all pushy, letting us sit and chat for a while after eating which was nice. They replaced our empty water bottle as well – such a small courtesy but one I always love.

We will be returning to Porgie and Mr Jones to try out the rest of the delicious-sounding menu.

7 out of 10 sunny courtyards!

Porgie + Mr Jones
291 Auburn Rd
Hawthorn, VIC 3122

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